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OTL Reel

Our full-service production company covers all your production’s needs in a single place. We’ve built our network of trusted individuals in the film and photo space, so you won’t need to piece together your production anymore. We’ll cover all the bases starting from the top, so you can focus on what you need to. Check out our most recent reel, which showcases our versatility, experience, and overall quality. Enjoy!

Dream Vacation

Satiate your travel bug and follow along as we explore Italy with Brent Rivera and his group in this reality series, Dream Vacation. Over the course of 10 days with 14 crew, we got to experience the hidden gems of the Amalfi Coast, as the talent worked their creative muscles to produce the best content with the beautiful resources at hand. You can find the entire season on Youtube, and check out the trailer here!

Niki & Gabi Take Bahamas

Our team got to bust out the sunscreen and jet skis to power over to the Bahamas and film the 5th season of Niki & Gabi. During this 10 day production, our team of 11 were able to setup a week’s worth of jam-packed adventure for these 10 crazy kids. We even gave the girls a dream come true by getting them all-access passes to Atlantis waterpark, their childhood fan favorite destination. You can watch the trailer below, and feel free to check out what we did for Season 4 (Take Miami) as well!


In this bone chilling, branded documentary short, our versatile crew spent a week in the subzero temperatures of Alaska to film the training regiment of living legend David Johnston, the world’s best ultra-marathon runner. Strap on your snow shoes, put on your parkas, and watch it below.

Governors Ball

Pairing up with Sequoia Productions, we were able to dawn our suits during this upscale event for the 2019 Governors Ball. With a dedicated list of video aspects and specific coverage to be logged, we were able to capture the best the event had to offer and compile it into a beautiful montage to showcase the event’s elegance and sophistication.

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Next Influencer Season 3

Filmed in Southern California’s wine country of Temecula, our crew of 26 spent two weeks in a production bubble, following this crazy pool of 11 talent, as they competed for the crowned top spot of this season’s Next Influencer. Our team facilitated the production and post-production process to meet the requirements for Paramount+, including its standard of quality and extensive delivery formats. You can also check out previous seasons 1 & 2 on Youtube! Watch the trailer for Season 3 below!!

Social Gloves : Tiktok vs Youtube

Our team filmed the multi-month long journey of the groundbreaking boxing match of Tiktokers vs YouTubers, with it culminating to our crew flying out to Miami for the roster-stacked event at the Hard Rock Cafe. Our team turned around the edits in record time to ensure this project’s relevance and keep up with the natural pace of trending social spots. Brace for impact and watch the trailer below!

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