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What’s Happening In Social Media



Yep, with major improvements for BRANDS AND BUSINESSES!

TikTok launched its TikTok For Business Marketing Partner Program.

The program is designed to offer different advertising aspects to assist brands and businesses with their campaign marketing, all with a creative twist to keep in line with the platform’s consumers and help create a mutually enjoyable experience for the companies and their loyalists - as well as TikTok.

For brands, this is a big deal and a phenomenal opportunity to connect with the younger generation in a creative and authentic way.

Two things Gen Z’ers value greatly!

Learn more about it here.

Something To Pay Attention To

Ephemeral Content


Content available temporarily, tapping into that oh so familiar FOMO.

Like, using instagram stories to roll out a marketing campaign.


The goal of Ephemeral content is to garner an immediate response from brand fans and product consumers. It’s the same reason many designers (example: DREW House by Justin Beiber) release a limited amount of a certain design, creating an immediate response from consumers who want to get in on the item before it’s gone forever. It’s not a new concept, but it is a continually growing and evolving concept (i.e TikTok’s new marketing program listed above), especially for brands now turning to platforms like TikTok, Snapchat, IG stories and FB stories.

It allows for brands to engage authentically and conversationally with audiences, with very little overhead (depending on creative).

If your brand/business isn’t engaging in social media and social campaigns, don’t wait to start.

We found a great article that lists a few ways your brand can develop engaging ephemeral content to engage your audience.

Ps. Check out this article too.

Did you know?

Facebook’s ‘Horizon’ ‘welcomed it’s first virtual explores’.



What’s Trending?

DJ Khalid, Drake and Beiber.

One More Time For The Kids In The Back!

Labor Day weekend is upon us. @ me. NO really!

TikTok has a Business Marketing Partner Program that you want to know about

Ephemeral Content. Read all about it. Mean it.

Ps. here too.

The Horizon of Facebook is VR.

DJ Khalid, Drake and Beiber are POPSTARs.

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