Ownthelight x NOW UNITED

Our story with Now United, the international pop song and dance group, was a long time in the making. It started as a serendipitous encounter between a couple of our OTL team members and a couple NU executive team members, and slowly but surely blossomed into one of our most promising stories.

From the moment we met the Now United team, we were hopeful for an opportunity to work with them, and it seemed that the feeling was mutual. That said, it didn’t happen right away nor all at once. It wasn't until multiple meetings, attempts, and follow-throughs that we landed an opportunity to work with the talented pop group and the team behind them.

The opportunity presented itself when the group was set to make their very first “public” appearance at Venice Beach in Los Angeles, CA. At Ownthelight, we’re all about seizing the moment! When our OTL team caught wind that the NU group was performing, we packed up our best equipment and on a hopeful whim, headed out to film the showcase. It was a ton of fun, and to this day that showcase is still one of our favorite pieces (to watch the video - click here).

Through executing successfully on that opportunity, we were invited to the NU headquarters to sit down with their executive team. Together, we began developing a social strategy to showcase the reality of the pop groups potential. They really are an amazing, talented group of kids with such unique qualities and personalities, and we find that their energy and messaging aligns so well with our own.

Fast forward a few years and Now United is one of our proudest investments. Working with them has been such an honor. The NU team has such a positive energy. They are full of enthusiasm and they carry that energy and unity with them, uniting fans around the world through song and dance. “UNITING THE WORLD THROUGH SONG AND DANCE”, now that’s a movement we can get behind! :)

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