Ownthelight x Ace Family Charity Basketball Game, 2019

On June 29th, 2019 Ownthelight joined The Ace Family once again as they hosted their second basketball charity event at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, CA. The charity event is sponsored by The Ace Family and brings out heavy hitters like Chris Brown, Jake and Logan Paul, James Charles, Lil Pump and even Pauly D. as the event’s official DJ. At the end of the game, all proceeds go to the winning team's charity of choice!

Filming a live event takes a lot of planning. You need coverage of every angle. If you miss a moment, it’s gone forever. With this in mind, our team took time scouting out the court, discussing what angles were needed, where we needed coverage, and how many bodies we would need out on the court. On the night of the event, we had a 24 person team helping us capture every moment. There were 24 players on each team, 24 OTL crew members, and we had 24 hours to edit and deliver the final cut following the event. Talk about a whirlwind turn around! As if that wasn’t enough, our CEO, Vitaly Kibenko, had to catch a flight to Italy at 3am immediately following the game.

It was a time, to say the least - and well worth it. Excitement lit up the room (literally) as Austin McBroom took to the court to welcome the fans. The excitement continued with James Charles delivering the National Anthem, halftime performances including Lil Pump and Austin’s team taking the win, beating Chris Brown’s team 100-95.

It was a night to remember, and all for a good cause. All of the proceeds went to The Painted Turtle: a camp for children with serious medical conditions.

The Ace Family knows how to use their platform to give back to those in need, and Ownthelight was honored to be the team behind the cameras.

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