ownthelight weekly update 7/28/2020

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Our ownthelight co-founder Dennis Mulyar released his first single, “Hello California.” This coming weekend, the #OTLteam and friends will be filming a music video to accompany the song, which garnered over 29k streams on Spotify in its first week. Download it, like it, share it, and DM @dennismulyar to let him know how much you love it.

What’s Happening In Social Media

Twitter is still making headlines


On July 15, 2020 Twitter came under fire after numerous high profile accounts were hacked in a Bitcoin scam.


This Week, a group of high profile Twitter users in the UK are going silent July 27th and 28th in protest to Twitters ‘inaction’ to anti-semitic comments made on the platform.


On Friday, July 24th, UK rapper Wiley, posted tweets referencing conspiracy theories about Jewish people. Some of the tweets violated Twitter’s “hateful conduct policy” and were deleted while other comments still remain. The remaining comments have garnered criticism from some of Twitter’s users who feel the company has failed numerous times to take appropriate action against anti-semItic and racist comments made on the platform. Users made a plan to go silent in protest, in hopes of motivating Twitter to change its policies.


The way in which social platforms handle hate speech and other related content has been a point of contention dating back to the adoption of Christchurch Call, back in 2019. While most social media giants have taken measures to address hate on their platforms, many feel it still isn't enough.

Something To Pay Attention To


WhatsApp is the biggest messaging app in the world with over 2 billion active users and is a contending heavy hitter for growing businesses.


Yes, but with the WhatsApp Business app, the messaging platform can be leveraged to benefit your branding with what they call "quick replies." Quick replies allow for businesses and brands to give quick automated responses to frequently asked client questions, while being conversational.

Forbes wrote a great article diving into the details.


Facebook For Business created a video that features a set of tips for how to connect with your customers through WhatsApp.



We know. But they’re still a thing and they’re still useful.

Here’s a list of tools to help you create the right hashtags, generating more engagement for your brand and products.

We recommend spending time experimenting with them. When used correctly, hashtags on Instagram and other social media sites can help create authentic brand engagement and value add. People who may not know they need you/want you, can find you (even if by accident) when you use the right hashtags.

Did You Know?

Over 50% of U.S. adults get some form of their news from social media. Below, we’ve shared a few quick tips shared by Laughing Samurai on fact checking information received on social media platforms. Here’s what you can do to help filter the news your consuming:

  • Pay attention to the domain/URL

  • Read the ‘About Us’ section

  • Look at the quotes in a story

  • Look at who said them

  • Check the comments

  • Reverse image search

You can read the full article here.



If you’re interested in knowing the reliability of the many different news outlets, Ad Fontes Media has done the work for you, creating a media bias chart that can help you identify motives and perspectives shaping the news that you’re consuming.

One More Time For The Kids In The Back

Ownthelight co-founder Dennis Mulyar released his first single.

Twitter is being boycotted.

WhatsApp can help build your brand.

Hashtags are still a good thing.

There’s help for fact checking the news you consume on social media.

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