Ownthelight Core Values



ownthelight was built on relational integrity. Before ever making a profit, ownthelight was putting in the work, nurturing relationships, and delivering on time. We continue to hold true to this virtue. We value our people and always have the well-being of others at the forefront of every decision we make.



All of us are storytellers, but not always on purpose. At ownthelight, we tell stories on purpose. We tell stories in our content creation and we keep language conversational as a brand. We incorporate and encourage storytelling in our boardrooms and daily conversations. At ownthelight, storytelling is honored as our highest form of communication and we work to integrate it intentionally into all that we do.



Sometimes it’s as simple as that. Our CEO and Founder Vitaly Kibenko can often be heard encouraging those around him to be faithful with what’s in front of them. Do the work, be faithful with what’s in front of you and greater responsibility is bound to find you.

Do the work.



Do the work, and then level it up!

Don’t stop at what’s acceptable.

Excellence comes through consistent growth, innovation, and finding intentional ways to continually level up.

See something amazing? Stare at it until you find a way to make it even better.

If doing the work is a current, leveling up is how you make waves.



You can’t inspire a culture that you don’t know and understand. Relevancy is how you speak a language that others can relate to. At ownthelight, we hold ourselves accountable not only as a team but as individuals, to stay informed and practice ongoing research and development of the culture and people in this world. To care for a people, you have to know and understand how best to serve them.



Build Out means to develop and expand.

At ownthelight we focus on building out relationally, mentally and logistically.

We encourage team members to connect with new people and engage in their communities.

We build out our minds by engaging in educational endeavors through master classes, reading, consuming content, and sharing stories.

Logistically, we build out our departments and teams by continually innovating and leveling up our processes, procedures, and ways of doing things.

We take what’s already working and make it better.

Level it up and build it out.

If you can think it, you can build it.

The possibilities are endless.

Share with the world.