Newly (green -but actually blue) Lit with @ownthelight

2020 has been a roller coaster of a year, not leaving out the entertainment industry. Thankfully, social media isn’t going anywhere and with folks home in quarantine, there’s no better time to be online!

2019 was packed full for our OTL team, with trips to Miami and The Bahamas, and collaborations with Viacom’s AwesomenessTV, Simon Fuller’s Now United, The Ace Family and more. While we weren't sure what 2020 would bring (could any of us have predicted?!), the year has proven to be just as busy (in very different ways) and we could not be more grateful. Our co-founders Vitaly Kibenko and Dennis Mulyar have launched a podcast, Dennis released his first single (the OTL team filmed a music video to accompany the song, coming soon) AND (drum roll please...) we’re proud to introduce a new venture with our friends over at Amp Studios as our CEO, Vitaly Kibenko, is the team's newly appointed Chief Creative Officer.

Amp Studios is an incubation house for top creators and home to 11 power house influencers. Some of you may be familiar with the work we’ve done in the past with Brent Rivera and his team, through AwesomenessTV - in early 2019 we filmed Brent Rivera’s Dream Vacation, traveling with the crew to Italy, where we spent a week with Brent’s team filming fun challenges and enjoying the Amalfi Coast. We’ve enjoyed working with their team and we’re honored to have Vitaly working with them again in this new context!

We love and appreciate our OTL fam and will be in touch with weekly blogs and new updates as our newest projects continue to roll out! If you don’t already, you can follow us on Instagram and be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel so you don’t miss a thing!