An Ownthelight Original Podcast

Hosted By: Dennis Mulyar & Vitaly Kibenko

Ownthelight is proud to announce the release of our first ever Original Podcast, hosted by our very own Vitaly Kibenko and Dennis Mulyar. Vitaly and Dennis are best friends and co-founders of ownthelight: a content creation house in Los Angeles, CA. Together, with their team of digital content superheroes, they create high end quality content for brands, creators, and social media heavy hitters.

Tell Me About the Podcast!

I See Your Talent is a Podcast designed around raw conversations about the digital media space, digging up secrets behind talented individuals as well as discussing the failures and successes of past projects. The show kicked off on June 19th with episodes covering singleness and the troubles of going into business with your best friend. Listeners can expect new episodes posted weekly about juicy new topics and never before-heard discussions with some of the most note-worthy individuals in the influencer/business space.

Let’s meet our hosts!

Originally from Portland, OR, Dennis started his career directing films and commercials in the traditional film world. He worked tirelessly to study and learn his craft. His passion for storytelling garnered him awards for original short films and opened doors to create beautiful wedding films for clients around the world through his company, Film House Weddings. He later moved to Los Angeles to start @ownthelight with co-host Vitaly Kibenko. Dennis will reveal intimate conversations and heated moments from their time spent building the brand that professionals have come to love.

Vitaly, originally from Seattle, WA, is a highly favored photographer and creative director to some of the biggest Creators and influencers of this generation - from traveling the world capturing content for heavy hitters like Austin McBroom, Kian Lawley, JC Caylen and many more, to orchestrating and directing coverage of massive events. Vitaly is a visionary and strategist, helping others to create memorable waves in the digital media landscape. Vitaly is the original founder and co-creator of @ownthelight, and with his business partners trail blazed the highest standard of what a content creation company should be in today’s wild world of fast paced digital media.

Dennis’ and Vitaly’s experiences in the entertainment business, and traveling the world creating content for clients and brands alike, will give listeners insight into the intricacies of mistakes made and lessons learned.

New I See Your Talent episodes will be released every Wednesday!

You can check them out on Spotify, Apple and Google podcasts.