How To Keep Your Company Culture Thriving

Have a vision

Vision sets a unified goal for everyone to work toward each and every day.

Identify Company Values

Create company values and be willing to sacrifice in order to uphold them.

Leaders are repeaters

Repeat the vision and the values often and a lot.

Be consistent

Your leaders are your culture carriers, every team is a reflection of the leader. Make sure actions, language and goals are aligned with the vision and values, all the time.

Hire by Design

Hire people who already exhibit the culture you're trying to create and maintain. Not people who believe the same as you or look the same as you - but people who already exhibit the company values and understand the vision.

For example, one of our core values is People Over Everything. We will pass on a potential hire who shows great skill and talent in our area of need - but who doesn’t treat people well.

If you have strong company values, you may have to pass up on a potential new hire who showcases incredible talent but who may not align with the kind of culture you’re creating. Values should be upheld with integrity, otherwise they’re not really values at all.

Hire by Design and with intention.

Extend Trust

As Craig Groeschel of the Craig Groeschel leadership podcast says, “the best way to know if you can trust someone, is to trust them”.

“When you delegate tasks you create followers.

When you delegate authority, you create leaders”

-Craig Groeschel

Create An Environment of Feedback

At OTL, we engage in 360° meetings where we identify our strengths, weaknesses and goals - and then we allow our team members to ask questions, give feedback and identify any gaps they may see.

Growth happens here.

Create space for Education

One of our core values at OTL is to Stay Relevant. We can’t tell stories to a generation if we don’t understand their language. Part of staying relevant for us is staying educated. Not only do we encourage employees to consume content and take time out of their day for R&D, but we create a space every Wednesday for different departments to host a Master Class. It creates a space for team bonding, learning, and leadership. In addition, teaching reinforces the learning process for the one doing the educating. Education is pivotal.

Identify and sell out to your strengths

At OTL we distribute strength finding and personality tests for team members in order to help identify their strengths and passions.

We have quarterly meetings to re-evaluate where everyone is and how they’re doing in that position. Humans evolve, it’s important to know what tools you have in your tool belt and how to use them.

Never Quit.

Culture isn’t something you establish on a Monday and never have to address again. Culture happens, either by accident or with intention, but consistency solidifies it. You have to continuously nurture and direct. Lead and repeat.

We hope this was helpful. Should you have any culture questions, feel free to comment below or reach out to our DOO at

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