GRL PWR: A Day In The Life

Step into the bustling lives of four women trailblazing their own unique paths in college! From crushing life goals to empowering others, these women share what drives them to feel and be their best selves. Powered by PINK


Writer - Becca Park

Director - Dennis Mulyar

Executive Producer - Victory Palmisano Line Producer - Ian Midura

Producer - Aaron Johnson

Director of Photography - Dima Kovalchuk

Camera Op - Val Sevostyanchuk

Sound Mixer - Tyler Casey

Production Coordinator - Connor Gould

Stills Photographer - Tony Tomasino

Production Assistant - John Paul Garcia

Assistant To The Producer - Candace Stephens

Post Production Supervisor - Dima Kovalchuk

Editor - Donnie Mathias, Leo Akagi

GFX Artist - Nicole Stumphauzer, Brett Bastas Motion GFX - Mike Janson


Crushing Life Goals In College

Women Supporting Women in College



Finding Strengths From Your Struggles in College

Redefining Beauty In College